Avett Brothers on February 10 at Sunset Cove

The country is currently awash in Americana fever, with any number of rock radio favorites dabbling in the sounds of yore. It's part of a search for authenticity when so much pop radio is heavily synthesized, and partially a need for the warm fuzzy blanket of an imagined yesteryear. Cute though the trend may be, many of the current banjo-picking types fail to elevate their style beyond gimmick. A huge exception is the Avett Brothers, the North Carolina act helmed by, yes, brothers Scott and Seth. Sure, they are nominally folk-influenced, with their relatively stripped-down, deeply earnest sound and penchant for things like harmonicas. But what sets the Avetts apart is a genreless, serious talent for songwriting. Their melodies soar and stick, regardless of any particular bearded window-dressing.


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