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Back to the Basicks

The mid-'90s punk rock scene in South Florida had some good moments — legendary moments of alcoholic excess and guitar-driven debauchery. But like all good things, those moments slowly faded with venues disappearing and local players aging into their other responsibilities. At the time, the Basicks billed themselves as "Miami's own phenomenal pop combo." And phenomenal they were. The band released an EP on local label Far Out Records, a single on Lookout! Records, and a self-released full-length disc. And just like that, they took off for New York City, where frontman Joe Basick decided to cast his fortunes. He seems to have hit his mark too. With a new album (Take a Ride) out and a solid lineup still in place, the South Florida ex-pats are ready to continue their exploration of fast music and excessive behavior.

The Basicks perform with Dyslexic Postcards at 6 p.m. Tuesday, July 4, at Felt, 1242 Washington Ave., Miami. Admission costs $5. Call 305-531-2114.

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