Southern California's rock/ska band Sublime was one hell of a music outfit while it lasted. The group, fronted by affable lead singer Bradley Nowell, kicked out funky riffs and dubbed-out ditties about smoking sinsemilla and hardcore substance abuse. Although the band lasted only from 1988 to 1996 (when Nowell died of a heroin overdose), the group captured the hearts of practically everyone who ever listened to 40 Oz to Freedom, the group's seminal 1992 release. Although Sublime tried to truck on without Nowell, that was as painful for the musicians as it was for their fans. Now that they've left the Sublime legacy roughly intact, it's up to Badfish to keep Sublime's category alive in concert. The Providence, Rhode Island,-based group is proud to be a tribute band and does what it can to kick out the lazy, hazy jams that made Sublime famous. They're also all skilled musicians who are fun to watch in concert. So for anyone in need of a Sublime fix, Badfish has got you covered this week.

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