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Bang Camaro

As part of Miami's only all-male art collective, Boyz of Bazel, I usually have to answer some pretty bullshit questions concerning sexuality and whatnot. I don't even want to know what the men of Bang Camaro have had to answer to. With bass, drums, three guitars, and a vocal choir that can include up to 18 people, folks are always trying to figure out if it's cacophony, discordance, or a full-fledged riot! Forget all that, since it's really just a good fucking time being had by all. Whatever the case is in the end, the shtick has worked, as they now enter their third year of existence. Their glammy take on heavy metal certainly follows certain parameters concerning hooks and structures, but the choir thing is just plain out there. Soundman Joe will have his hands full at Studio A, but his are able hands. I guess only a college town like Boston could inspire these kinds of testosterone-fueled shenanigans. At least these guys are having fun. That's what you're supposed to do.

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