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From Russia, with Loud

Stop me if you¹ve heard this one... A Russian acrobat, a go-go girl, and a professionally trained fire eater walk into a bar -- except in this bar, there are no pitchers of beer, and there is no basketball game playing on the wide screen. This, comrade, is Moscow (3101 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale), and it¹s no self-igniting, swingin¹, Slavic sports bar. On its opening night a few weeks ago, model types and sharply dressed young professionals were packed into the club¹s red-splashed confines like kilka in tomato sauce. According to Moscow¹s general manager, Colette Bolduc, the club¹s emphasis on the exotic is part cultural and part business. ³We¹re a European nightclub, and we come from different backgrounds,² she explains. ³We want to do all of these extra things.² Those extras include performance artists, fire eaters, and 21st-century go-go girls. ³One of our dancers is a Russian acrobat that worked for the circus,² Bolduc adds. The Muscovite feel should jive well with the booty jams pumping out of Moscow every Thursday night, courtesy of WPYM-FM (93.1) DJs Erik Velez, Fay, and Natalia. -- John Landers

Moscow is open Wednesday through Saturday. In addition to guest DJs, resident DJs Gemini and Vision spin hip-hop, dance, and R&B. Call 954-565-5678.

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