Beer Barn Lounge

Beer Barn Lounge

4223 SW 64th Ave. Davie



Beer Barn Lounge

The building, which looks like the architectural love child of a tool shed and a barn house, stands barely upright on a patch of dry grass and old concrete. The Beer Barn Lounge shares the structure with its sister liquor store of the same name. It's a shack of delights, this Beer Barn, and it draws in bearded road warriors and leather-clad cyclists to imbibe its libations. I walked in expecting the music to screech to a halt, everyone turning to look at the imposter. The disappointment lasted only as long as it took me to order my drink; I didn't even garner one glance. The haze of the cigarette smoke probably had less to do with it than the nature of the Barn's patrons. The angry roar heard from inside — emanating from the unreasonably large Ford trucks and fire-breathing Harleys outside — is quite misleading. The folks at the Barn, though hard-shelled — hard-core, even — smile profusely, unafraid to show their happy spirits. Don't get me wrong; the Barn is not for the faint of heart. Sadly, though, the rough exterior, which is its unique characteristic, does not translate inside. The interior is about the size of a large living room, and it has been remodeled recently, so it's not as grimy as you'd like to imagine: tiled floor, clean booths, functioning TVs, and new NASCAR memorabilia are examples of the effort put in to give it a face-lift — or tummy tuck, if you will. Luckily, there are still some vestigial arcade games left. Daily shot specials will run you $2.75 and include Goldschlarger, Jim Beam, and Parrot Bay. You won't see Patrick Swayze putting out the bad guys in this roadhouse, but you will hear the coolest Southern drawls this far south of Decatur, Georgia.

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