Beres Hammond, Patron Saint of Lover's Rock

When Beres Hammond last performed in South Florida, many ladies left the show overwhelmed. Wet panties were common, and men were excited to take their aroused women home. It was just another day for Hammond, who has a knack for writing chart-topping love ballads, inspirational ditties, and the occasional dancehall track. His soulful voice has rocked reggae circles for more than 30 years. Despite this, he is surprised by the ecstatic response he receives from fans. "I'm an average person with an average mind," he tells New Times. With hits such as "What One Dance Can Do," "Groovy Little Thing," and "They Gonna Talk," the Grammy-nominated crooner admits that at the beginning of his career, he expected overnight success. "I didn't realize it would be a life sentence!" he says. "It's a hell of a struggle but not one that I regret. Now I look back, and I know it was all worth it." Check out the Caribbean Cultural Extravaganza featuring Beres Hammond, Marcia Griffiths, and the Wailing Souls at 4:30 p.m Sunday, August 31, at Meyer Amphitheatre, 105 Evernia St., West Palm Beach. Call 561-659-8004.


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