Bigga Rankin Presents Brisco

Florida's hip-hop notoriety is going from hot to scalding with the release of

Jacksonville-based DJ Bigga Rankin's latest mixtape, From Dade to Duval. It's a part of Rankin's longtime Real Nigga Radio series, where he takes urban artists and tries to break them to a larger market. Luckily for him, Brisco is already on his way to national fame, now that he's signed to Cash Money/Poe Boy, and the tracks selected here are wall-to-wall bangers. Things start off fast and ferocious, from the moment the mixtape's intro starts with Brisco taking shots at his under-matched nemesis Yung Berg. Bigga Rankin matches Brisco's lightning fast lyrics with enough machine gun sound effects and reggae sirens to wake up a sleeping giant. From there, Brisco's amped-up hit "Bitch I'm Me" follows, and "Just Know Dat" featuring Flo Rida and Lil Wayne. It's an impressive way to start a hood mixtape, and things only get better from there. The song "This My Life" is possibly the album's best, providing ample reason for people to follow Brisco's trajectory over the next 12 months.

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