Biz Markie (DJ Set) at Green Room on August 8

The name Biz Markie is synonymous with 1980s rap music. However, the Long Island MC is more than just "the Clown Prince of Hip-Hop"; he's also a well-respected DJ. "The DJ ten, 20 years ago wasn't computerized. It's easier now to be a DJ because the promoters don't care, really, about who the DJ is," Biz recently told the website AllHipHop with a sense of disappointment. "The equipment has changed a little bit. I'm using Serato, but I'm using wax. I downloaded all my records from my collection, so it ain't sic like I just went online and got a record. I did it manually." In addition to gigs as a DJ, Biz is a regular on the popular and trippy children's show, Yo Gabba Gabba. As he adapts to the shifting landscape of disk jockeying, Markie is still dropping gems from the hip-hop heyday, spinning records everywhere from nightclubs even to sold-out theaters as the opening act on Chris Rock's 2008 "No Apologies" tour.


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