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Björn Again

In 1988, a quartet of blond Australians concluded the globe needed ABBA to achieve world harmony. Unfortunately, several years before, the Swedish dancing queens had declared they'd never perform again. So the Aussies dubbed themselves Björn Again and took their message of peace and platform shoes worldwide. In 1992, they attracted the attention of Nirvana, which fell in love with Björn Again and refused to play an event unless they could share the stage with the faux Swedes. Since then, Björn Again has played more than 3,000 shows in 43 countries, been the subject of a documentary (ABBA: Björn Again), opened for the Spice Girls, and added Duran Duran, Erasure, and Christmas music to its repertoire. What's next for the greatest thing to leave Australia since the vegemite sandwich? Find out February 15 at the South Florida Fairgrounds. You never know. If you ask nicely, they may outfit you with a silver suit, some platforms, and a blond wig, then make you one with the (Björn) Borg. The band visits the South Florida Fair, 601-7 Sansbury's Way, West Palm Beach, on Sunday, February 15. Call 561-793-0333.

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