Black Finger

Last things first: If you like Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, or the Pixies, chances are you'll go apeshit for Lake Worth's zany rock outfit Black Finger. Combining a nomadic mix of bluegrass, punk, and Southern rock, its music has gypsy veins and wanderlust woven into most of the material. The group's debut album, Contains Lead, is a refreshingly eclectic and textured mix for saints, sinners, and everyone who ends up at tough bars in dusty towns. At times, the music here is so cool, it seems Clint Eastwood himself might jump through your stereo. Attitude and foot-stomping rhythms are eked out of the most unassuming instruments, like Tim Benfield's mandolin and Anne Allaire's fiddle, which is not easy to do. On slide, dobro, and lap-steel guitars, Andy McAusland demonstrates he can move you from the fast-paced rhythms of edginess to the languid sound of zero gravity with ease. As Greg Lovell, the group's lead singer and ace guitar player, offers mysterious images that toe the line of reality throughout the album, his voice turns gritty, deliberate, and defiant. Find this band and you'll discover a place where the downtrodden get lucky, the timid are untamed, and everyone is allowed to be carefree.

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