Black Veil Brides at Culture Room 4/23

What do you get when you cross Mötley Crüe hair, a Kiss-style penchant for theatrics, a sprinkling of vaguely goth aesthetic trappings, and relentless postmetalcore? Well, it would be something like the Black Veil Brides, a Cincinnati quintet that looks Sunset Strip but still sounds Warped Tour.

This particular brand of sound and fury has helped the group stand out from the rest of its sound-alike peers and score a rare sales coup. While still completely independent, its first album, last year's We Stitch These Wounds, reached number one on the Billboard Independent charts but also an impressive 36 on the regular Billboard 200.

It has to have helped that this is one of the few coed acts in its scene subset — it's got a bona fide female, Ashley Purdy, on bass and backing vocals — and that its flair for melodrama lends itself particularly well to rabid fandom. Black Veil Brides are the kind of band whose followers have given themselves a name ("Bridesmaids," in this case) and spend a nice chunk of their time online spreading the gospel.


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