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Bleu Moon

Too many musical dramas start off promisingly but putrefy into self-pity sessions. Boston¹s Bleu (a.k.a. William James McAuley III) goes beyond the pale, opting for eloquent songs that steer clear of singer-songwriter redundancy. At times, Bleu¹s voice resembles that of Styx¹s Dennis DeYoung, even though it floats over pop songs that don¹t suck. Sure, his music, which has landed him five Boston Awards nominations and an appearance on the Spider-Man soundtrack, is perfectly capable of ruining junior high school girls¹ mascara. (Case in point: His ³Somebody Else² nearly became the theme song for WB tube-filler Smallville.) But don¹t interpret this as kiddie pop. First making his entrance into the Beantown scene in 1999 with, of all things, a freakin¹ Christmas record (A Bing Bang Holidang), Bleu followed up with 2000¹s Headroom, which earned him New England radio airplay and perked the ears of Columbia Records, which later signed him. Now set to release the fiery Redhead, his big-label debut, Bleu is seeking a national audience, and, given his penchant for wearing Long Island tuxedos on-stage, perhaps a spot in a Levi¹s or Gap ad.


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