Block Rockin'

Missed Moonfest on the infamous 500 block of West Palm's Clematis Street? The 500 Block Rocks New Year's blowout is another chance to experience the eclectic, street-party atmosphere that the Honeycomb's Steve Rullman is so adept at assembling. The booze-drenched, multistage shebang features every local band you love to love: the Bittercups, Boxelder, Doorway 27, El, Legends of Rodeo, Dish, Johnny Dangerously, and tons more TBA. There's nothing like stumbling from bar to bar, drink in hand, with a different band at every turn. Plus, the band-for-buck ratio here is the best in South Florida. Block on, baby.

500 Block Rocks starts at 8 p.m. Saturday, December 31, on Clematis Street at South Quadrille Boulevard, West Palm Beach. Tickets cost $15. Visit

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