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Blockhead to Bring Rockin' Beats to Respectable Street

According to the title track on The Music Scene, New York beatmaker Blockhead's latest solo endeavor, "the music scene has got [him] down." Although his nine fine productions on Aesop Rock's critically acclaimed Labor Days will never be radio-friendly or best Glee on the Billboard charts, Blockhead does his part for the underground rap scene. His signature style of down-tempo, trip-hop beats shows up on recordings for rhyme enthusiasts like Murs, Cage, and Hanger 18. Along with local opening acts Jabrjaw & DJ Dee Dubs and Seamstar, the rapper turned producer drops by Respectable Street to showcase his latest instrumental material meshing Gorillaz-style beats with a chilling postapocalyptic movie soundtrack. True hip-hop fans who hate Auto-Tune, Fergie, and rap songs inspired by dance moves should mark this on the calendar in Sharpie.

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