Blood on the Dance Floor on April 29 at Revolution Live

Duo Blood on the Dance Floor seems tailor-made for the nightmares of any old person — let's say, anyone over 21. The group's masterminds, Dahvie Vanity and Jayy von Monroe, revel in looking like vastly over-the-top versions of a latter-day "scene" look, taken to the extreme, all teased hair, makeup, and tight clothing. That's never mind the fact that they are both well into their mid- (or possibly late) 20s. Vanity, the older of the two, continuously shows up in a series of mostly internet-fueled underaged sex scandals and accusations.

None of the accusations or mockery is helped by the music itself, which is a caffeine-fueled blend of pseudo-rapping and screamo-style sing-yelling over walloping happy-house beats. Vanity's lyrics are often unapologetically sexual and puerile; a 2010 minor "hit" called "Sexting" featured such lines as "Send those nudes, make me drool/Hit me up — make me cum." It all sounds painful unless you put yourself back in the mindset of a teenager — then it makes perfect sense. In what better package could you completely musically piss off your parents?


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