Blue Anchor Pub

South Florida is choked with English and Irish pubs, so it isn't news that another one is turning 10 years old. Only, in this case, Blue Anchor Pub is really turning 141 years old, and here's how: In the mid-1990s, the pub's façade was taken apart and shipped over from England. The original pub sat on Chancery Lane in London, where it opened in 1865. The interior is exactly what you'd expect: dark, which brings us to the place's real selling point — that it's haunted. Owner Lee Harrison swears that the ghost of Bertha Starkey inhabits the place. Starkey was offed by her husband more than a hundred years ago at the original site, and she supposedly traveled with the doors and outer walls in shipping containers across the ocean to our little corner of the world. For bonus creepout points, Elizabeth Stride and Catherine Eddows, two of Jack the Ripper's victims, spent their last night above ground (September 29, 1888) sipping beers in the Anchor. On Fridays and Saturdays at 10 p.m., the house band, Mad Cow, rocks the joint Liverpool style. Wednesday is the obligatory Beatles tribute night.

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