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Bob Sinclar

French producer/DJ Bob Sinclar (née Christophe "The French Kiss" le Friant) was Born in 69, as it says literally in the title of his most recent full-length. And you need to sample only a small cross-section from his decade-plus of throbbing tracks to understand his promotion of this double-entendre-imbued birth year. Sinclar is credited with helping to popularize a heady, filtered disco production style known as the "French Touch" (another vaguely salacious phrase, appropriately). Since then, he's definitely appeared predestined to spread Euro cheese and legs equally with club-friendly and increasingly crossover-geared productions.

Of course, he launched his career releasing far more underground-credible, Daft Punk-associated rubbery funk that nodded to Salsoul and jackin' Chicago house. But if you had to choose between multiple decades of getting critics hard or making panties wet, you'd probably aim straight for the masses' asses too. Now Sinclar rolls out summery choon after summery choon, many populated with guest vocalists or hooks nicked from folk classics or ravetastic '90s anthems. His tracks are now far more homogenized "house" than Gallic groove, but if you're out to experience someone bangin' on the box, Sinclar will be there to deliver on Saturday.


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