Bonnie Riot Headlines Digital Love Thursday at Green Room

West Palm Beach's Bonnie Riot pulls you deep into a swirling, shape-shifting psychedelic mass. The song "She" exemplifies this perfectly and sends your brain into overdrive. Between its androgynous vocals and thudding drums, the song just seeps into you and gets your adrenaline pumping. Each of their songs seems to be inspired by something beyond this world. Something astronomical. This Thursday at Green Room, Digital Love teams with Radio-Active Records to bring Bonnie Riot to the stage, so this will give fans a chance to appreciate some good live indie music.

Influenced by Muse and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Bonnie Riot has been changing around its band members, but hasn't changed its attitude. It's definitely nice to hear real musicianship as opposed to auto-tuned talent. They are pushing forward with songs about love, heartache and everyday life. Clever lyrics make their songs pop over the melodies, and they leave you rocking out on the dance floor.  Below is a taste of Bonnie Riot's "Halo."

Bonnie Riot. 10 p.m. Thursday, March 24 at Green Room, 100 S.W. 3rd Ave., Fort Lauderdale. 18+ $5 cover, 21+ no cover; PBR and Jack Daniels specials. Click here.  

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