Bonus Free Music: Miami Rapper Xplicit Remixes Drake's "Best I Ever Had"

​Miami rapper Xplicit's biggest in-roads in the industry so far have been as a songwriter. His biggest score so far has been a co-writing credit and appearance on the hook of Diddy's new single "Diddy Bop," and he's worked with most of the local heavyweights. (Here's an old Crossfade video of him in the studio with Jim Jonsin.)

But of course, on the Internet, the fastest way to increased attention is a remix of a popular song.... So Xplicit tackled Drake's "Best I Ever Had." Here it is.

So. Thoughts: yes/no? Does this add anything to the original? He does a pretty good job of staying on beat (that beat is really what makes the song anyways, as well as its The-Dream-style repetition), and he's easy to understand.

I'll say one thing though ... the spelling of his name makes me miss Xzibit. Damn.

MP3: Xplicit - "Best I Ever Had" (remix)


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