Born to Break

Though techno elitists constantly write breakbeat off as lightweight tripe, the backlash hasn't fazed DJ Icey and Baby Anne one bit. Ten years on, these two Florida-grown club vets are still dropping those patented trapkit-thumping beats with swirling acid lines. The pair obviously know where their target demographic lies, having been recurring characters in a hometown scene that still highly regards this type of music. Icey, possibly the first breakbeat artist to grace the cover of URB, is an Orlando native who almost single-handedly put the Sunshine State on the map as a club mecca. Baby Anne, the self-proclaimed "Bass Queen," has been Icey's friend and compatriot since '92, releasing mixes and productions through Icey's Zone Records. Together, the duo serves as figureheads to a new generation of dance music acolytes, playing up an electro-funk style that -- naysayers be damned -- is far from played out.

DJ Icey and Baby Anne go "Back2School" on Saturday, October 1, at Voodoo Lounge, 111 SW Second Ave., Fort Lauderdale. Doors open at 10 p.m. Admission costs $15. Call 954-522-0733.


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