Brad Paisley's "Virtual Reality Tour" at Cruzan Amphitheatre on September 29

When Eddie Murphy backed out of hosting the 2012 Academy Awards earlier this year, Bill Crystal naturally stepped right in. After all, he'd hosted the Oscars eight times up until then, the most for any star, second only to the late Bob Hope, who hosted the show 18 times. That's the real magic of television: When something — or someone — works, you milk 'em for as long as possible (see Dick Clark on NYE or Jerry Lewis over Labor Day Weekend). The Country Music Association prefers two hosts. It was announced recently that Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood would cohost the 2012 Country Music Awards for a remarkable fifth time together. Before he tackles the prime-time stage again, though, Paisley's bringing his "Virtual Reality Tour" to South Florida. "I named this tour 'Virtual Reality' because country music is about reality," the Tennessean reported Paisley recently told a Charlotte concert crowd. "But it can take you out of any reality and transport you..."


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