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Bring Me the Horizon's Screamo Bum-Rushes Revolution

The lineups of past Alternative Press tours have usually consisted of bands that opt for pop-laced harmonies over high-decibel growling, but not this year. With metalcore coheadliners Bring Me the Horizon and August Burns Red, AP might as well include earplugs with every ticket purchase. This entire night of wall-shaking screaming could induce a case of temporary tinnitus.

Don't seek respite in the rest of the lineup either. Post-hardcore outfit Emarosa, melodicore band Polar Bear Club, and Long Island punks This Is Hell bring the kind of adrenaline stimulation that causes skinny-jean-clad, bandanna-donning youth to punch the air like a clan of sake-soaked ninjas. One final tip: Unless blood red is a preferred nail polish color, make sure to ditch the flip-flops for this show; it's common at Bring Me the Horizon shows for mosh pits to form via Braveheart-esque charging, also known as the Wall of Death.

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