Brokensound Blvd

Brokensound Blvd are happier than they look.
c. stiles

Since rap icon Nas stated that hip-hop was dead last year, certain rap artists have gone to great lengths on wax to prove him wrong. Whether you agree with Nas or not, one thing that's for certain is that Broward County's Brokensound Blvd is doing what it can to give hip-hop's ticker a reason to keep on beating. All four members of the crew have strong reputations outside of the group, and as a unit, they complement one another even better. Their style is an eclectic mix of witty old-school rhymes à la the Native Tongues crew and jazzy West Coast production reminiscent of Freestyle Fellowship or People Under the Stairs. In that sense, Brokensound has managed to pluck some of the best aspects of hip-hop throughout the years and put its own spin on them. The group is fun to watch on stage, as its shows are typically full of high energy and hilarious shenanigans. This weekend, the guys celebrate the release of their long-awaited album, Thirty Words to the Gallon, in grand fashion. Local funk/hop band Fusik will be in attendance tearing things up, and the plan is to rotate in artists from various genres throughout the night to keep the party vibe moving forward. If you want to support, the price of admission gets you a free CD and a smile, so go check it out.

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