Broward and Palm Beach Counties' Ten Best Hardcore Bands of All Time

Broward and Palm Beach Counties' Ten Best Hardcore Bands of All Time

Articles listing out the best bands in any genre never seem to fully satisfy everyone. But oh, well, what can you do? This may be especially true for any listicle trying to cull the best hardcore outfits to emerge from Broward and Palm Beach counties. So we tread forward lightly at the risk of incurring the vitriolic wrath of opinionated users on the Eulogy message boards.

In our little reminisce here, we couldn't help but notice that there was a very strong presence of NY/HC-styled outfits during the '90s in South Florida, and that we actually miss the violent days of youthful thugcore. We present you with Broward and Palm Beach counties' best hardcore bands of all time.

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10. Remembering Never

Remembering Never went through some growing pains before taking off based on the power of an early demo. What's funny about this metalcore outfit is that everybody took it seriously and by doing so, failed to grasp the humor and irreverence it brought to the genre. Though Remembering Never became more focused on political issues towards the end there, it was still lost on their fans. The band recently released This Hell is Home which is a slight stylistic departure from their early work. Another thing meatheads don't understand: progression.

9. Tension

Tension's short-lived tenure, roughly from '93 through '97 saw some of the best youth crew/straight-edge/vegan and certainly angry hardcore to come from these shores. In retrospect, we, namely this scribe, should've looked beyond the ideology and concentrated on the music for it is righteous as fuck. Thankfully, retrospection can't correct the foils of youth and as such, I will forever live with some rather narrow minded judgment calls. However, because of the existence of cheese, I will never fully comprehend the vegan lifestyle.

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