Buried Metal

Six Feet Under? What is this, a traveling version of the HBO series about a family that works at a funeral home? Is this a family affair? Well, not quite, unless your idea of a wholesome time is to spend the night with Chris Barnes, former mouthpiece for gross-out kings Cannibal Corpse, who fronts Six Feet Under. The author of such classic death-metal gems as "Entrails Ripped Through a Virgin's Cunt" and "Fucked With a Knife" has the warm and wooly presence of embalming fluid. And, though Barnes' lyrics completely lack introspection, his obsession with violence has become so pronounced that the music takes on a surreal, almost hallucinatory intensity. With Brazil's Krisiun, L.A.'s Abysmal Dawn, and Poland's Decapitated joining Barnes and crew on tour, it's like the United Nations of death metal.

Six Feet Under, Krisiun, Decapitated, Abysmal Dawn, and Kalakai perform Tuesday, September 12, at the Culture Room, 3045 N. Federal Hwy., Fort Lauderdale. Tickets cost $14.99. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. Call 954-564-1074, or visit www.cultureroom.net.


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