Busta Rhymes

Between his acting career, his unsavory legal troubles, and the simple fact that he's seemingly been around forever, it's sometimes easy to forget that Busta Rhymes is still an active recording artist — especially when you consider that beyond the awesomely Daft Punk-jacking "Touch It," dude hasn't really made an unforgettable record inside the 21st Century. That said, if early singles and leaks are to be believed, Busta's latest album, Back on My B.S., could have what it takes for a comeback. "Don't Touch Me (Throw da Water on 'Em)" is a five-alarm banger with no shortage of top-shelf battle-rap boasts; "Decision" resists a good-intentions overload despite cameos by Common and John Legend. "Arab Money" has a beat as hot as its lyrical content is dubious. Busta has long been one of hip-hop's most energetic (and capable) live performers; given the gas he's got in the tank right now, expect fire at this show.

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