In a world of vitamin-watered-down gangsta rappers with suburb-dwelling, soccer-mom fan bases, C-Bo is a tall can of Steel Reserve — far worse for your health but more potent and intoxicating. This is a man with combined record sales of 3 million who once said in an interview that he'd have no problem shooting a cop in the face if he were a two-strike offender pulled over at a traffic stop. On Money to Burn, the ex-con's 15th album, he comes out blazing: "Who am I? C-Bo, the baldhead nut/If you ain't heard of him, then you is just a baldhead mutt." Guest appearances by Outlawz, Sean Paul, Lil' Cyco, Baby Bash, and others provide variety to C-Bo's murderous flow, and though the tempos occasionally approach crunk, nothing on Money to Burn screams "club anthem." Even "Walked in the Club" fits a ride around town in a scraper better than it does a dance floor. We do not suggest you do a drive-by to this album, but if you insist, "If You a Gee" and "I'm So Hood" sound appropriate.

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