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Cagney's Bar

Cagney's Bar

5983 S. University Dr.

Davie, FL 33328


Cagney's Bar


You'll probably miss the sign as you drive past Cagney's on Stirling Road. I did. Many times. And I live a few blocks down the street. What you won't miss is the dozen or so hogs, choppers, or whatever they call those welded steel and galvanized rubber machines nowadays. Now those can be a little intimidating. Don't be afraid, though. These tatted, hairy, leather-clad roughnecks strewn across the bar are sweethearts, really. Just don't look them directly in the eyes for too long, 'cause they might be inclined to ask you, "What the fuck are you looking at, sweetheart?" See, even in confrontation they find time for niceties. One sleeveless, longhaired gentleman with skin as leathery as his vest even called me Sally. It must be some endearing term for biker brethren. But there'll be no Wild Hogs-type drama here. The big boss walks around smiling, patting patrons on the back, making sure everyone is comfy and feeling at home. Cagney's is one of those rare neighborhood bars where the staff seems to be having as much fun as the customers. Here, I shot darts and whiskey, I drank Bare-Knuckle stout, and got hustled in a $5 game of pool — I wish I had a cool story about this one, but it was just my girlfriend. Happy hour is from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and you can get twofers on wells and drafts for a dollar. Get $7 buckets of five on Sundays. Thursday is ladies night (two-for-one on wine, wells, and drafts). Don't miss the live music on Fridays and Saturdays — and walk into a smoky set of a Charles Bronson movie.


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