Cedric Gervais

Gervais: Your fist-pumpin' spiritual sherpa.

Favoring a pounding prog-house sound as shiny and at times as sleazy as the city he now calls home, Paris-to-Miami transplant Cedric Gervais has a reputation as a DJ who plays it both uplifting and up-thrusting. Building his following since 2003, this big-room fixture favors blissfully breezy Ibiza-style tracks buoyed by hypnotic vocal hooks and the instrumental insistence of tech-funk. At times, Gervais, part of the extended Yoshitoshi crew of hard house heads, flirts with the blippy synth melodies of the New Romantic '80s while building the dizzying percussion of tribal.

Through it all, Gervais slathers on the hedonistic slam. This tipsy approach has proven a hit with crowds craving massive fist-pump-worthy beats and bleary anthems for the peak hour and beyond. If you know what it's like to cram the Space terrace until there's barely room for sweat between bodies and dawn is a must, never a bust, then Gervais is your spiritual sherpa leading you to Club Space on Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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