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Cinderella's Hair Metal Mastery Takes Over Revolution

Some bands want to create a strong emotional response in their audience. Some bands want to make a meaningful artistic contribution. Some bands want to change the world. Cinderella? They just wanted to get laid and look cool. It's easy to look back at a band like Cinderella with an air of condescension. The hair, the hyperbolic lyrics, and the sonic bombast all added up to a band that always seemed more a caricature than an actual group.

Of course, that's the cynical music listener's view of the world. The hard-edged, coursing-through-your-veins rock of bands like Cinderella has no room for cynicism. When you look at Cinderella through that lens, you see a band that embraced its style and sound and never let go. Bluesy, gritty rock amped up through the high, hard keen of pop-minded metal shred pairs perfectly with overblown lyrics and overblown attitude. Rock 'n' roll has never been about moderation, and bands like Cinderella symbolize that excess that used to be much more prevalent. Theirs is a somewhat rare invitation these days, so tease your hair, rip your jeans, and wallow in the disgusting and lurid spectacle that is rock.

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