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Color Scheme

Seems like P Diddy isn't the only impresario capable of throwing down attire-demanding soirees in South Florida. Miami-based DJ Nyce brings his inaugural Blue & White Party (emphasizing clothing, not Israeli homage) to Hollywood's Club XIT. The two-floored venue, which hosts a melting pot of events -- from weekly fetish parties to hip-hop fare -- will house DJs on both levels for this one-night fete.

Featuring an array of island rhythms on the second floor complementing the hip-hop and reggae booming below, the event parallels its creator's varied tastes. A Haitian-born former New Yorker, Nyce settled in South Florida in 1997. "I've been DJing almost four years, playing everything from American to Caribbean to Spanish," he explains. Headlined by veteran mixmaster Pop Feeling, who will be spinning alongside him downstairs, this bash is just the beginning: "I'm going to be doing many different theme parties with different people involved," Nyce says. Hear that, Puffy?

DJ Nyce's Blue & White Chill Out Party runs 10 p.m. to 4 a.m, Sunday, February 27, at Club XIT, 219 N. 21st Ave., Hollywood. 21 and over welcome. $10 for those in blue and white, $30 for those who aren't. No hats, shorts, or jerseys. Call 305-498-0363 or 954-925-5801.


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