"Hellektro" group Combichrist has long been a favorite of the fetish community. Led by Norwegian-born Andy LaPlegua, Combichrist blends dark techno, aggro beats, and synth noise to produce a wicked, hawkish soundscape that's equally diabolical and danceable. The title track drowns in pulsating synths, while LaPlegua's fuzzed-over voice floats to the surface over the pounding industrial rhythm. There are six remixes of the song here, including a noxious "Käpt'n K Mix" by KMFDM founder Sascha Konietzko. The three other tracks — a distorted techno remix of "Products" and two exclusive, sample-heavy tracks called "What the Fcuk" and "DNA AM" — are less assaultive and more atmospheric than the title track but still contain the sense of dangerous sexual abandon for which Combichrist's music is known and loved.

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