Comeback Kid at Speakeasy Lounge on March 22

Come back, Comeback Kid!

Canadian act Comeback Kid has stuck around so long — marking a full decade this year — that it's managed to last until a renewed scene interest in more pure hardcore sounds came about. The quartet, despite forming at a time when posthardcore was in its trendy infancy, was never interested in softening up for any kind of scream-singing dynamic.

Instead, the Canadian act has always specialized in an unapologetically tough, loud, fast sound built around scream-along choruses, breakdowns, and no BS. The group recently lost a longtime member, guitarist Casey Hjelmberg, but this is par for the course for most long-running hardcore acts. For this tour, it's got a fill-in from Misery Signals and hopefully some new material — it's been two years since the group's last full-length for Victory Records, Symptoms + Cures, though it is still touring behind it.

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