"Conquer the Mic: Freestyle Battle" September 19 at Green Room

There are a lot of folks who spit rehearsed rhymes in an effort to impress others when the opportunity to "freestyle" presents itself. I'm one of those people. My go-to jump-off is: "Midnight stunner shit, I'm a on a rocket shit/It's a like a Polaroid, motherfucker, Instamatic click." From there, I have variants of what lines will follow, all elements of other "rap" songs I wrote while getting high in college. Is it good enough to win the $300 prize at "Conquer the Mic: Freestyle Battle" at Green Room's "Brown Bag Wednesdays"? Probably not; South Florida has a long tradition of dope MCs. From homies atop the hip-hop empire like Rick Ross to cats who've gone mainstream like Pitbull, talent runs deeps in the tricounty area. Unless you're bringing your A game, leave the rhyming to the professionals, bro.


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