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Piebald singer/guitarist Travis Shettel needs your help. After scream-singing through thousands of shows since his band's inception in 1994, Shettel's vocal cords developed blood blisters this past summer. Despite Piebald's huge following, sizable record sales, and recent mention in Rolling Stone as "a band to watch," Shettel's September throat operation -- performed by the same man who healed Sir Elton John -- threw the singer in the poorhouse. To keep from drowning in a sea of red ink, Shettel is hawking "Travis K. Shettel Throat Surgery Commemorative T-Shirts." The shirts purport to "pay medical bills, fight tooth decay, and make you look sexy." If musical philanthropy and fighting yuck mouth ain't your bag, you're likely a cad with bad breath who could use a dose of Piebald's sensitive-guy rock to put you in touch with your feminine side.


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