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For a region crying out for folk music that hasn't been dumbed down to the lowest common Dylan cover, the departure of Chris Chandler was disastrous. The witty, erudite, nose-thumbing strummer forsook South Florida in January, moving to Seattle and then Pittsburgh as part of a strategy to conquer the world one city at a time. Stodgy trad-folk elitists never grokked Chandler -- some festivals even considered his "folken-word" offensive and booted him -- but the former Hollywood resident quickly cultivated a hard-core following among local music lovers captivated by his acid tongue. Chandler's first performance here since he skipped town (as part of Broward Folk Club's It's Not Your Father's Folk Music series) pairs him with the humor-filled songs and social commentary of Carla Ulbrich. We're still poorer without him around full-time, but a little Chandler is better than none at all.

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