Crocodiles on July 20 at the Vagabond

Before 1982, television after 2 a.m. was an absolute waste of valuable airtime. That was about the time when stations literally signed off until programming resumed later that morning. But 30 years ago, a dude named Frank Cannella convinced a few networks to let him push hair-growth products in the wee hours, giving birth to the infomercial. Since then, celebrity spokespeople and inventors alike have peddled everything from fitness machines to blenders on the small screen, often resorting to ridiculous hyperbole to sell more units. However, every now and again, an infomercial comes along that's honest, like Crocodiles' YouTube teaser for new album Endless Flowers. OK, so the infomercial isn't real, per se. But Crocodiles' latest effort, released last month on Frenchkiss, really is packed with songs you'll love and that echo the "soundtrack" of your life. Especially if you live in a 1960s rock 'n' roll time warp. Deeply rooted in fuzzy distortion and reverberated vocals, this slice of nostalgic noise-pop is unquestionably a rocker's rock record. Or as the infomercial suggests, a true "panty dropper" party album.


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