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Crocodiles Take a Bite Out of Grand Central

San Diego fuzz freaks Crocodiles don't make Arizona immigration zealot Sheriff Joe Arpaio's playlist. He hates them. Ever since the duo released a feel-good, anti-SB 1070 single titled "Kill Joe Arpaio" last month, the Maricopa County law enforcer has been bashing the band via Twitter, television, and any other mediated means he can get his supersoft hands on.

In late September, for example, Arpaio tweeted: "Msg for the San Diego band 'Alligators' who wrote new song called 'Kill Joe Arpaio': BITE ME." Anyone, though, who actually listens to the dark, driving, news-sampling track with ears unclogged by propaganda (and Three Dog Night) should be able to understand that Crocodiles aren't actually advocating murder. It's called hyperbole, Joe. And the message is actually more along the lines of "America's favorite sheriff is a dangerous asshole."

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