Dave Chappelle Checks Texts Instead of Telling Jokes at Charity Event

Comedian Dave Chappelle gave a bizarre performance last night during his appearance at Zo's Summer Groove Comedy Show at Hard Rock Live in Hollywood, the yearly charity event put on by ex-Miami Heat center Alonzo Mourning (and that we regrettably had a ticket giveaway for).

The former Chappelle Show star was distracted by the audience to the point that he was berating fans for recording him and not telling any jokes. At least this wasn't a night when he was planning to take back his standup endurance record from Dane Cook by performing for more than seven hours.

The antihilarity was documented on CNN's Roland S. Martin's Twitter account, where he noted, "He got texted four times during his show and actually checked them." We have Martin's hilarious tweets -- including a couple that address Chappelle interacting with him from the stage -- posted last night and some not-very-fun-to-watch video of the awkward scene.

From Roland S. Martin's Twitter:

And here's what the whole set was apparently like. "Glad I didn't wear a suit -- that would've been embarrasing," Chappelle says, while hecklers peppered him with insults. As he left the stage, D.L. Hughley remarked, "Y'all can do better than that -- give him some, Dave Chappelle." Perhaps part of that was directed at Dave himself.

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