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Dave Matthews Band


You know I'm a total fan, dude. I mean, if there's, like, a new disc out or, like, a show, I'm THERE. Totally! All the way back to Remember Two Things, man. I turned my whole frat house on to your jams. And when you played those shows at Red Rocks in '95? Intense. But this new disc, I mean, don't take this the wrong way or anything, but it's like... different. You're an artist -- and I totally respect that -- but bro, where's my boy Leroi's really chill sax stuff ? All that jazzy noodling, it's like, key, man. Even chicks dig it! Not like I'm telling you what to do or anything. I mean, my Abercrombie hat's off to you, dude. Totally! But next time could you maybe throw in some more old-school DMB? Thanks, dude.
Rock on,


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