Dead Confederate's Raw Emotion Unfolds at Respectable Street

Dead Confederate: Don't expect "Free Bird."
Big Hassle Management

Don't be fooled by Dead Confederate's Civil War moniker and Georgia roots — this atmospheric rawk quintet is the furthest thing from a Lynyrd Skynyrd rehash. Although the five-piece explores stoner rock in the psychedelic "Wrecking Ball," this dynamic quintet prefers to dish out thunderous guitar riffs and gut-wrenching growls. Lead vocalist Hardy Morris' gravelly delivery is startlingly similar to Kurt Cobain's.

In "The Rat," perhaps the group's signature tune, Morris asks his lover to shoot him in the back of the head during the quivering chorus. This band's penchant for mixing explosive punk fervor over twangy soul also parallels the Meat Puppets. Two local groups, John Ralston's orchestral rockers Invisible Music and the unpredictable folk quirk of the Dewars, join the bill Wednesday night.

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Respectable Street

518 Clematis St.
West Palm Beach, FL 33401


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