Derek Trucks

Good luck finding Derek Trucks in his hometown of Jacksonville. Though Trucks and his spouse, four-time Grammy nominee Susan Tedeschi, own a home there, the 28-year-old slide guitarist is on the road more often than not. Besides leading his own eponymous blues-based collective, Trucks is a full-time member of the Allman Brothers as well as an integral member of Eric Clapton's inner guitar circle. He's so good at guitar that Rolling Stone put him on the cover in February of this year and named him a "new guitar god." Not bad. And though he's a distant relative of yours truly — we believe our great-grandfathers were brothers — matching surnames still wasn't enough to bless me with the same music skills that he and his Uncle Butch are known to possess. It's safe to say that, if you're into the fusion that's created when Southern rock meets jam music, then checking out this Florida native's set is something you need to do.


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