Almost every young rock/pop music collector knows someone who wanted to be British so badly that they could almost taste it. That if you cut them, they'd bleed vinegar to put on their fish & chips. Those to whom Dave Davies, T. Rex, David Bowie, or Pulp are gods. Destroyer's Dan Bejar is likely one of those types — his somewhat fey, enthusiastically offhand vocal style recalls Bowie and Bolan in their most affected, theatrical moments. He's also got a touch of Robyn Hitchcock flair. This isn't leading up to an abject putdown, however. Bejar's melodies are still possessed of a charming, languid tenor, borne by sighing, crystalline guitars and elegantly billowing synthesizers. What propels Trouble in Dreams up a notch compared to some earlier Destroyer offerings is that it sounds more like the work of an actual band than a one-man operation with folks lending a hand. "My Favorite Year," which sounds as if it could be a Bowie outtake circa Scary Monsters, is perfect for those magical times where you're soaking in the tub, wistfully wondering which of your current love interests to ring up tonight.

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