Dillon Francis' Top Five Trolls of All Time

Dillon Francis' Top Five Trolls of All Time

Wikipedia defines a "troll" as "a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people... with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion."

Some trolls are less evil than others, though. Some trolls just want to lie about their identity and give you free tacos. Some trolls are just Dillon Francis.

Actually, Dillon Francis is the biggest troll in dance music. He gives not a single fuck, nor the slightest of shits. Random is his medium of choice, whether it comes to marketing schemes, music video treatments, or just being in the studio. He's made a career of being the most random guy in the game, but these are definitely his top five most creative and memorable trolls.

5. He is Tiesto

Tiesto is the richest DJ in the world and quite possibly one of the most world-famous. This makes him absolutely ripe for parody, and Francis spearheads a constant campaign to claim Tiesto as his own identity. It started, as we remember, when he was interviewed by a newspaper in New York and submitted a picture of Tiesto in place of himself. They ran the photo, mislabeled identity and all. It continued in his music video for "Masta Blasta" and on into this day. Next time you see Tiesto, definitely come running at him screaming "OMG! Dillon Francis!"

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4. DJ Awareness with Taco Bell

Who goes into a Taco Bell and orders 50 Doritos tacos? This guy. It was all part of his promotion for his national tour. He hit the streets and gave away the 50 tacos to unsuspecting, very confused citizens. It was all about raising "DJ awareness and tour awareness for life and stuff." A lot of people don't know DJs are in California, right? This little stunt began a serious love affair with Taco Bell. Francis is one 16 people TB follows on Twitter, and he says they're in talks for some "big moves." Can we has taco, Francis?

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