Dino Felipe Releases Where Did I Go? with Remixes - Available on iTunes
Liz Tracy

Dino Felipe Releases Where Did I Go? with Remixes - Available on iTunes

Every time someone from South Florida tells me that they've never heard of Dino Felipe, I am genuinely horrified. Dino's not only one of the most brilliant and productive musicians from our little corner of the world, he's got a genuine and frenzied artistic vision. A fucked up genuine vision that translates magically, both visually and musically.

Besides pumping out songs from his bedroom, lately Dino's been playing drums with This Heart Electric (performing last night at Ricochet's ladies' night, which was complete with live, moshing musical chairs), CLAWS, and occasionally 90s Teen. But he's been making incredibly intense music and putting on seriously energetic performances both solo, with Finesse and Runway, and dozens of other acts for well over a decade. 

His music isn't to be pinned down, but he's prone toward experimentation. He'll follow an electronic album with one packed with lo-fi organic delightfulness. There's no one sound, but it's all got the feel of Dino's brilliance, vulnerability, and restlessness. He is creatively what all other artists wish they were: Someone who produces quality constantly.

Dino is the most prolific musician you'll probably live anywhere close to, ever. Last time I interviewed him,

he was at fifty releases. That was a year ago. He's like not even 35

yet. Dino's a visual artist and like his music, creates work that often

reflects his humor, insecurities, spirituality, and always his

recognizable aesthetic.

Suppose that's a long intro for Dino's newest EP. Where Did I Go offers very varied remixes of his newest song by the same name. It was released by Upcode Records. Purchase it on iTunes here and please, never again tell me you don't know Dino Felipe's music.

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