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Dionne Warwick

Wow, regardless of how you want to look at it, Dionne Warwick has been a musical powerhouse since she was discovered by Burt Bacharach doing background vocals for the Drifters. That was roughly 40 years ago, and the discovery yielded a string of major hits with Bacharach and his main partner, Hal David. Think of classic tunes like "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself" and "House Is Not a Home" and the credits on those songs will lead you back to Warwick. If any of this comes as a surprise, then it's because you know her only as "the psychic lady" from those blasted Psychic Friends Network infomercials from the '90s. Yuck! Some of you will also remember her with pride when she got busted at Miami International Airport with some joints back in 2002. Yum! Regardless, Warwick has soulful range, tough inflections, and a huge catalog of crowd pleasers from various genres (gospel, pop, R&B), all of which should be a treat for music lovers of any age.


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