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"Diplo Rhythm" Comes to Life

Anyone ever listen to Diplo's seminal 2004 debut release, Florida, and find themselves rewinding the best frigging song on the album, "Diplo Rhythm," endlessly trying to recapture that little snippet of Rio baile funk he slips in for the last 2 1/2 minutes of the track?

It's the one that starts out with Vybz Cartel and Sandra Melody doing a dancehall ditty(good, but whatever) that's full of heavy synthesized beats and tweaks, then saunters into a freaked out Brazilian mix of crazy favela funk.

It's easily the best 2 1/2 minutes of the whole record and it spawned a huge surge of American DJ's trying to imitate and discover the origins of the song. Just found a lo-fi video of the original group, Pantera Os Danadinhos, rocking the real jam and it's worth watching.

After that check out Diplo's new Bart Simpson mix here and listen as Bart gets so so krispy. --Jonathan Cunningham

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