Dirty Dozen Brass Band

For a long time, there was a roadside billboard in Little Haiti that read "Soul Is Waterproof." It was an ode to Hurricane Katrina survivors, and those words ring true when it comes to one of New Orleans' finest exports, the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. It's been a force in the rejuvenation of second-line brass music for more than 30 years and represents a side of New Orleans' musical culture that won't get any complaints here if it thrives and proliferates. Although the group has undergone numerous lineup changes, the essence of its music is always the same: pro-New Orleans. The band's sound is jazz funky at times, uptempo and bluesy at others, but it's always perfect in the summertime. This week, the boys are coming to town with Modest Mouse, which probably seems like an odd pairing. Considering how lively the Dirty Dozen is, though, by the time Modest Mouse takes the stage, the crowd will be amped up and ready to party.

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