Disco Realism

As implausible as it sounds, VHS or Beta has emerged from the woods around Louisville, Kentucky, to tell us that the Euro-retro-dance stylings of Daft Punk sound even better when interpreted via real instruments. No doubt about it -- with wah-wah guitar, slap-happy bass, and the patented 4/4 bounce that powered engines for Chic and the Gap Band, VHS or Beta's analog funk enforces a danceability that won't be denied. Learn a whole new set of night moves courtesy of "Disco Paradise," "Solid Gold," and "Teenage Dancefloor," three standouts from the just-released Le Funk, VHS or Beta's remarkable retooling of Daft Punk's electronique boutique. VHS or Beta finally beats the French at their own game, much in the way California did with wine. Take that, Pierre.

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